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Logistics controls

Daifuku BCS has its origins as a software, controls and automation specialists and we boast unique products that we can offer that provide value to our client's operations.

Our controls division has standard PLC control methodologies used across many sites in over 50 countries.

Our software products range from high end WMS systems, high speed sort allocation software and also video coding.

Our Sym3 division offers a 3D simulation, emulation and SCADA packages that has unique features to our products.

Our Core Expertise:

  • All electrical and low level controls design for complex automated sortation and storage systems.
  • PLC code & SCADA development using all major products and SYM3 the world's first 3D system control and visualisation.
  • Checked Weight Cubing(CWC) and Video encoding solutions.
  • Drawings, documentation and comprehensive operator training.
  • Commissioning.
  • Operations and maintenance.

There was a couple of key factors for Courier Post with BCS and first one was experience with what we were doing as for Courier Post this was the biggest automation project that we were going to take on so we couldn’t afford to take any risks”. BCS led the successful project to consolidate three smaller manual parcel handling centres into one state of the art automated parcel sorting facility.

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