POSTED: 16th August 2011

BCS gains US accreditation for innovative technology

High profile US aviation consultancy, BNP Associates, has named New Zealand’s BCS Group an approved supplier of high tech baggage handling system controls to airports around the world.

The accreditation validates BCS' continued growth into international markets, recently supplying its complete suite of controls products into Honolulu Airport, Melbourne and Gold Coast airports in Australia, as well as over 20 airports worldwide.

BCS CEO Patrick Teo said the company has been providing baggage handling system (BHS) controls for the past 18 years, but with an increased emphasis on R&D, and world-first innovations, BCS is experiencing unprecedented growth.

BCS specialises in development, design, manufacture and installation of state of the art baggage handling systems including world leading controls to streamline baggage handling and improve efficiencies at airports.  The company also applies its technology in freight logistics.

BNP is one of the largest and most experienced consultancy firms for the aviation industry worldwide for over 30 years.  It is involved in the majority of US airports, as well as Asia and the Middle East.  Its association with BCS goes back to the original sortation project at Melbourne airport around 17 years ago, and includes the Sydney Airport 2000 Olympics upgrade as well as Auckland Airport arrivals system upgrade study.  Previously the companies have worked together on Hawaii Kahului's Airport project in Maui, and currently on Honolulu's BHS project as well as Kuala Lumpur's low cost carrier airport.

BNP has endorsed BCS as an approved supplier of BCS's own "Airflow" High Level Controls, BCS's own Low Level Controls and also BCS's revolutionary 3D user interface system (MDS) -"Sym3".

The extensive evaluation process, included an engineering review of the product data,  , a product evaluation site visit at BCS facility in Auckland, New Zealand; and an evaluation site visit to Melbourne Airport operating with BCS High and Low level controls.

"This is a significant milestone for our business" said Brad Jackson, General Manager of BCS International. "This accreditation provides BCS with a controls brand that will help us to expand into emerging   international markets as well as uphold BCS in existing regions where we have been active for many years.

"Our suite of controls products and services complements our mechanical equipment and demonstrates we are a true global BHS turnkey supplier and integrator".

Brad Jackson said the three products provided different yet complimentary services for airports.

"Our Airflow HLC (High Level Control) system provides baggage handling functionality within a modular framework, allowing customisation to meet the unique needs of each airport. We've recently released our fifth generation of Airflow with enhanced features and functionality. Airflow modules handle all types of BHS functionality including baggage sortation, baggage screening, manual encode stations, information display systems and the newly developed baggage reconciliation module known as PaxBag."

Mr Jackson said the modular design of Airflow G5 gives a baggage handling platform that can respond rapidly to changing needs of a modern airport and meets operators' requests for improved information.

"With a focus on visibility via live dashboard reporting and performance indicators, it provides our clients with a tool for driving continuous improvements within their BHS operations" says Brad Jackson. "We can streamline the operations of our clients by providing practical and effective real time information and performance indicators."

BCS is recognised as an industry leader within the global BHS services sectors for its automation control system development, programming, design skills, and methodologies in low level controls.

But the whizz-kid of the BCS suite is the company's s own Sym 3 suite of products, which  provides 3D visualization for all BHS system design, virtual commissioning, and including the world's first 3D operational control  system(SCADA) for BHS with capabilities that deliver real productivity gains and business results.

"CEO Patrick Teo said the company had invested heavily - and would continue to do so - in the continued growth of this product, with over 20 person-years of development.




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