Our industrial solutions group specialise in delivering innovative automation based solutions and industrial intelligence (MES) for key industrial clients in a range of industries from manufacturing to food and petroleum.

The BCS Group grew out of our origins as a true industrial automation system integrator established back in 1993. Whilst our core business today lays in airport automation we continue to deliver innovative industrial solutions based on rigorous analysis, innovation and an ability to truly understand our clients business when shaping solutions. With an 18 year history of excellence in delivering automation projects, we offer industrial intelligence and solutions to a broad range of industries throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

Our solutions are typically Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) based and recognised that in a globally competitive economy "time to market" is a critical success factor for any manufacturer especially as product life cycles shorten, complexity of products increases, development times shorten and competition increases. MES as a tool enables an organisation wide integrated approach to manufacturing to maximise the value chain and deliver solutions that:

  • Improve productivity whilst maximising flexibility
  • Increase product process efficiency
  • Increase product and process quality
  • Optimise both process and cost
  • Shorten product life cycle

We are uniquely placed to bring together a diverse set of skills covering PLC programming, IT and Networking, MES, 3D Simulation and Emulation to craft the best solution for our clients. Whilst many companies have strength in a few of these areas few have depth across all these fields as BCS does today. We welcome enquiries from new manufacturing industries who want to benefit from sustainable improvement and optimisation in their production processes.

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