POSTED: 30th January 2009

BCS Airflow® software enables Air NZ check-in revolution

Auckland based BCS Group’s innovative High Levels Controls software has been implemented by Air NZ as the basis for its new domestic departures system recently launched at Auckland Airport and Christchurch Airports and soon to be installed at Wellington Airport.

The new self service approach designed to remove queuing by speeding up the check-in and boarding process sees banks of up to 40 Check-in kiosks replace the traditional check-ins at each of the airports. The kiosks allow customers to check-in bags and print boarding passes and bag tags. Passengers then proceed to a self-drop conveyor belt which then transports their bag(s) airside where Airflow software reconciles the passengers, bags and intended flight. The new process has already reduced peak queuing times from 10-15 minutes to less than 2 minutes greatly enhancing the domestic travel experience for Air NZ customers.

Air NZ selected BCS and its Airflow software based on its proven track record at over 20 airports in Australia and globally as well as its reputation for excellence in software engineering and support. For each flight, BCS Airflow software accepts or rejects bags based on certain business rules and directs further bag processing accordingly. All bags are traced through the baggage handling system by collecting information every step of the way. All information, gathered by Airflow including automatically measured bag weights, is then relayed to Air New Zealand's departure control system to ensure that passengers, bags, and flights are reconciled and correct.

Air New Zealand -General Manager Short Haul Airlines, Bruce Parton says: "We expect the changes to be very appealing, particularly to business travelers. We started working on this project 12 months ago to create and deliver a new experience that would allow our customers to move quickly and seamlessly through domestic airports. Our goal was to get rid of frustrating queues, cut customer waiting time and make checking in and boarding as quick and easy as possible."

BCS CEO Patrick Teo commented "This was certainly one of the most detailed implementations of Airflow done anywhere in the world and Air NZ is  at the cutting edge of refining their business processes to improve the customer experience, and BCS is pleased to have been selected as one of their key partners to enable this revolution"

With Auckland and Christchurch now operational BCS is completing the Airflow IT implementations for the Wellington system as well as finishing the new hardware including check-ins and departures system conveyors at Christchurch Airport. It is anticipated that Wellington will be operational prior to Christmas with major regional ports receiving smaller versions over the course of next year.


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